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Why to study Statistics?

Statistics helps you to find out the answers of many questions which are hard to find through programming skills like C, Java etc. Therefore, we need to learn some techniques by which some particular kind of problems can be solved. Here are a few examples mentioned below which can be easily answered through Statistics.

  • Consider in a college, there are two batches of M.S. Course and each batch is being taught by two different faculties. Now we want to find out which faculty is teaching well. Can we do some statistical analysis on student’s marks and come up with a conclusion?
  • We know the temperature of New Delhi for the last 30 days, can we forecast the temperature for the next 7 days?
  • We want to find out which basketball team has taller players. Does finding only the tallest player per team will help us or some other technique is required to decide this?
  • I know the salary of 95% employees for my company, and for 5% people I don’t know their salary. Can we use some statistical techniques to find the salary of those 5% employees?
  • Does the petrol prices affect Dollar rate in India?
  • What is the right time to upload videos over Youtube?
  • Out of A, B and C which company should I invest in?

If you are interested in finding the answer to such questions, it is the right track to continue your journey further.

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