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Sampling Methods

The term Sampling means selecting a sample from a population. There are multiple ways of doing it. Some of the techniques are purely based on probability and some of them are non-probability based. According to the requirement, we choose a sampling type and collect data. There is a no-one-fit answer to every problem, you need to look at your problem statement and you need to decide which sampling technique is best suitable.

Probability-Based Sampling:

Sampling techniques falling under this category ensure that the sample taken is random. These techniques help in taking bias-free samples, but these techniques are harder to conduct.

Non-Probability Based Sampling:

Sampling techniques falling under this category do not follow probability theory means the chance of being selected may or may not be equal. One item may have a greater chance of being selected over another. These techniques are simpler to conduct, but this may result in a biased sample and the conclusions will not be truly trustworthy.


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