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Python and Jupyter Notebook Setup

For your Data Science journey, we are choosing Python as language and Jupyter Notebook as IDE for our analysis and building machine learning models.

Let us install Python first:

1) Search for “Download python for windows”

2) Navigate to URL, Click on Download 


3) .exe file will start downloading

4) Once Downloaded, click on the .exe file to install

5) Check "Add Python 3.9 to Path" so that it is accessible throughout the computer


6) Click on install now


Once the installation is finished, you need to make sure that it is successfully installed.

1) Open Command prompt

2) type "python" or "python3"

3) it should open console for python language to work on


If you are unable to see the above console and some problem comes after typing “python”, it means your python has not been installed successfully. You need to review your installation steps, debug the issue and try again.

So far we have installed python, now the next step is to install jupyter notebook, it is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) where we will do all our analysis and create machine learning models.

1) Type command in command prompt, jupyter notebook installation should get started:

  python -m pip install jupyter


2) Once installed, you can make sure that it is installed properly by typing the command jupyter notebook

This will launch the jupyter notebook instance in your web browser. You will be able to see the user interface as shown in the pic. Now you can click on New and then on Python3 to create one Ipython notebook.


Congratulations!! The setup part is done, now we will involve ourselves more in the Data Analysis part using this IDE.

Bengaluru, India
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