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Data Vs Information:

Data is just random information/details about some topic. Whereas, information is structured data when facts are analyzed and sorted so that some sense can be made out of it.

Let us understand through one simple example:

Consider that we have temperature recorded at different times on a single day. After collection, these details are considered as Data, and once they are analyzed/sorted so that some sense can be made out of it, then it is considered as information.


Let us create one bar chart on the basis of the data given. 

The X-axis contains the hour information and Y-axis represents temperature for each hour.


But through the above chart, details look completely random and we cannot extract any fact out of it. But when we perform some kind of analysis and understand the data better, we are able to get meaningful information out of it. 

Let us draw the chart again but this time, let us have Time information in sorted order. Now it is clearly visible that some pattern is present.


  • Day Temperature decreases till 7 AM in the morning and after then
  • Temperature increases till 3 PM and it is where it is the highest
  • And then it starts decreasing


Few more examples:

1.In a class, let us note down the gender of students:

   M F F M F F M M F F F M F M # This is just a collected Data

   M M M M M M F F F F F F F F # Information is that we have 6 Males and 8 Females

2. In a class, let us note down marks of students:

4 9 3 7 7 5 9 9 8 10 5    

    # This is just a collected Data

3 4 5 5 7 7 8 9 9 9 10    

    # Information is that median marks of students are 7

Therefore, it is important to understand that once we have data, we need to perform some operations, we need to do some analysis so that some meaningful information can be extracted out of it.

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