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Data Science

Introducing Data Science

Begin your journey by understanding the scope and applications of Data science. Check out the learning path to follow.


This course will help you in collecting, analyzing and interpreting your data sets. Involved Statistically techniques form the base in Data Science Journey.

Data Handling

This course will help you in cleaning your numeric and textual data, and will teach you on how to derive new features from existing data set available.

Machine Learning

This course will help you in learning Supervised and Unsupervised machine learning models so that you can make predictions for real world problems.

Natural Language Processing

Learn to convert your text data into something useful by text cleaning and transformation skills.


Learn Python Tips and Tricks which are very useful in day to day work.

Software Design and Architecture

System Design

Learn how to design Scalable systems and practice commonly asked interview questions. Explore the design of Real Life Applications.


iOS Development

Learn on how to design and develop iOS Applications, refine your programming skills and finally host the app to the App store


Structured Query Language SQL

Learn important SQL concepts and queries which are useful in day to day work routine.

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